Welcome to the Broken Soldier Ranch, a safe haven for our returning war fighters, from any time of war or conflict, a place were they can decompress from the rigors of combat and reintegrate into civilan life, or simply talk about their time, with those, who like themselves, have been there and done that and understand the pain without question. Those who have served in areas of combat, directly or in support missions, have been changed, by the very facts of what they have witnessed, the jobs that must be preformed, wether in the field or on support bases, any and all of what makes up the war experience, changes us and never leaves. The things that as civilians, hopefullly you will never experience, are the day to day, moment to moment things that can never be forgoten by those who's job it was to be involoved in, for their entire tour of duty.Even some sixty years after WWll, the men and women from that war, still feel the pain and have the problems brought on by their war. This is true of all those who went to serve in our countries wars, the Silent Veterans of Korea, the millions of those who served in Vietnam and those, who for the past how many years, have served in the many wars in the Middle East. And this list will go on and on.
The Broken Soldier Ranch, a Division of Rescued Helpers Inc. is a non-profit  501c3 organization a transitional residential facility dedicated to housing Veterans, teaching careers in construction, and training Companion Dogs, Handi Dogs and Service Dogs to assist individuals who have a wide range of physical and or cognitive disabilities.
Mission Statement
Rescued Helpers Inc. is founded to serve as a bridge. An educational, therapeutic corporation where canine care and training is the bridge to greater independence, improved quality of life and health for Veterans that are near Homeless or Homeless and/or challenged with emotional, mental or physical limitations, especially our Post Traumatic Stress Disorder population.
 Animal Assisted Therapy is a goal-directed intervention in which an animal that meets specific criteria is an integral part of the treatment process. It is designed to promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning.

The partnership between human and dog increases the independence and quality of life of the residents with disabilities, while at the same time sparing the life of an abandoned dog.
Rescued Helpers Inc. operates three consumer divisions which provide a service to three sets of individuals as part of the operation of the facilities. The nature of this unique approach is the structure of the organization which allows each of the three groups to be of service to each other. The dogs rescued from shelters are in need of Training and Homing. The Training is accomplished with assistance from professional trainers by the resident veterans who socialize, administer care, and train dogs placed in their care. In this process, the dogs are a healing catalyst for their human caretakers. The dogs having been socialized and trained are then permanently placed into the lives of disabled individuals needing a well-trained companion or service dog. The residents who contribute to the successful placement of a previously unwanted dog into the life of a disabled person are themselves healed in the process; therefore each participant is at once healer and healed.

Products and Services - Consumer Divisions
  1. Efficiency homes
  2. Animal Assisted Therapy1
  3. Economic skills workshop
  4. Art and crafts workshops
  5. Agronomy activities
  6. Vocational Skills
Housing is provided for Veterans in the form of efficiency apartments or multi bedroom Houses. The Houses serve as a transitional home for the resident veterans seeking a more independent Vocational life. The animal assisted therapy and Job skills workshops provide the needed learning and motivation for the residents. This unique setting provides the bridge to a mainstream lifestyle desired by most consumers. Animal Assisted Therapy is provided for all residents when they are assigned one of the rescued dogs. The resident Veterans receive guidance in canine care and socialization and as such receive animal assisted therapy. These veterans are referred to Rescued Helpers  Various Behavioral Health Clinicians, the Veterans Hospital and private physicians and general sign in sheets at our Fund raising event tables. Many of these war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who benefit from the supportive living environment and the loving affection of the many dogs housed at our training  facility.
The admission criteria define the target market as:
  • adult  semi-independent living skills
The residents are individuals who live in the houses as a transition into mainstream society.
They have been Homeless or diagnosed with emotional, cognitive or physical disabilities. These individuals benefit from participating in the animal therapy that caring for dogs provides. The residents may be diagnosed with some of the following low level disabilities that would benefit from animal assisted therapy:
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Mild cognitive deficiency
  • Other anxiety disorders
  • Wheelchair bound  / Mobility challenged